Barry Kluger-Bell, PhD - Inquiry Science Educator                      Phone 303.304.9282
"Respect for the way learners think and the way they learn
is at the heart of effective inquiry teaching."                                                                                          Barry Kluger-Bell

Dr. Barry Kluger-Bell is a Ph.D. physicist and a nationally recognized science educator with more than 30 years of experience. Barry provides professional development in inquiry science for K-12 teachers, preschool teachers, science graduate students and informal educators in museums and out-of-school programs. His professional development workshops are exciting, motivating and deeply grounded in science and pedagogy. Over the past three decades Barry has provided professional development for thousands of teachers both nationally and internationally and is now an independent Science Education Consultant based in Boulder, Colorado.

From half-day focused workshops to week-long institutes, Dr. Kluger-Bell provide professional development and consulting services in inquiry-based science. His workshops are built on a major experiential (hands-on) component that forms the basis for discussion, reflection and implementation planning.
Workshop examples include:
For K-12 teachers
Inquiry and the Next Generation Science Standards
• Modeling Classroom Inquiry: With parachutes, dissolving lifesavers, snails, and other topics
• Comparing Approaches to Hands-on Science: Making intentional teaching choices
• Process Skills: Exploring Scientific and Engineering Practices
• Raising Questions: Enhancing and handling student questions
• Subtle Shifts: Adapting activities for inquiry
• Formative Assessment
   & More…

For Preschool teachers
• Messing About in Science
• Inquiry “provocations”
  Building teacher science knowledge to respond to student interest
   & More…
For Science Graduate Students in Outreach Programs
• Thinking about pedagogy: comparing teaching approaches
• How People Learn: introduction to the science of learning
• Diversity and Equity: exploring diversity in outreach programs
• Introduction to Inquiry: Experiencing, analyzing and designing inquiry activities
• Backward Design: A framework for activity design
• Facilitation: How to teach inquiry activities
   & More…

For Informal Educators in Museums and Out-of-school Programs
•  Introduction to Inquiry: activity, discussion and structures
•  Model inquiry stations: wind tubes, contact microphones,
   batteries and bulbs, static electricity, geometric tiles. ...
   & More…

•  Science Inquiry Experiences for Educators: Shadow, Balance, Streamtables, Pinholes
    and more
•  Introduction to Inquiry Structure
  Introduction to Process Skills
Science of Bubbles Festivals

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